Since 2015, Falconaire Energy & Commodities, has been committed to our fundamentals of buying smart, managing costs, and improving returns. We believe that these principles not only apply to the oil and natural gas industry, but they apply to your investment dollars as well. Based in Middle East & Asia, we are a group of companies that oversee each phase of oil development, from investment to production to the movement of the futures on the stock markets.

Falconaire Energy and Commodities in 2017 continues to set the benchmark in the industry for Oil and Gas industry. Our enterprising model of upstream and downstream management have silenced our critics with efficient results. Constantly improving our processes with latest technology, from drilling, to recovery, to logistics, to refining, to trading, we have the edge over our competitors.

Upstream – Falconaire Energy and Commodities have invested heavily in additional upstream capacities as our commitment in ensuring the security of the supplies and production activities.

Downstream – With crude distillation set to rise exponentially from year 2019 onwards, we have identified key investments in distillation capacity. We are aligned with OPEC’s objectives who together, possess over 80% of the world Oil reserve estimates.

Futures Hedging – Our managers track market supplies and demands, along with our production and inventory at their fingertips. They have effectively managed in the trading and hedging of the futures with many years of experience and proven track records.