Unprecedented Opportunity In Energy

Falconaire Energy & Commodities has an unparalleled investment model of both physical and financial investment in energy products, specially, crude oil. We provide an unprecedented, power opportunity for like minded individuals to take part in such an investment that only a select few would otherwise have the access to.

Firstly we offer the low-risk return of a stable investment in the convertible bonds of a lucrative project, which has already been analysed by relevant experts to be worth up to 40 Billion USD, while combining the unlimited upside of gaining converted shares of all future profits of this same large potential business.

Secondly we also offer the excitement of daily returns at the same time through our proprietary financial trading.

This is all made possible by our dual approach in covering all major aspects of oil investment, from

Mining & Extraction

Our main mining and extraction projects in the largest source of oil in the world, the United Arab Emirates.

Proprietary Financial Trading

Our exceptional proprietary financial trading in the oil financial market through our own trading platform.